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Moonstruck -  I like this one alot.  This is an original oil on canvas.
 Unknown -  Unknown is one of the more concervative/ impressionistic pieces that I have done.  This is an original oil on canvas.
 Laying down - I did laying down while I was living in the woods in cooper township.  It was inspired by fall colors and trees.
 Biloba - Biloba is one of my ventures in pink and I think that I like it.  The name comes from an ancient tale that the biloba tree is the oldest and wisest of trees.
 Faceless - Facless is my first venture in pink ( maroon ).  The reason I called this faceless is there is a fellow sitting on the end of the bridge, ( he is hard to see in this image ) and he has no face.  But there are five hidden faces through out the painting.
 Jubilee - This paintings original size is 3'6" x  2'.  Jubilee took me almost a complete year to complete.  The inspiration for this painting came from an old civil war movie and the bible.
 Divine wall -  Divine wall is 1' x 3' It is a fun piece,.  The original has a hidden devil and some other things scattered through out the painting.
 Lips - Lips is a wonderful piece of mine, I did this piece my senior year in high school.  This is a fairly large piece 3' x 3'6".
Farewell kiss - farewell kiss is 3' x 3' oil on canvas.  This was commissioned by a student that was studying to be a fire fighter.  It took me about six, months to get this piece going.   I finally started it on Sept. 7th 2001 and it was completed by the 13th.
Hell - This is a three parter, done with three 16" x 20" canvas.
Highway miles - This was inspired by the highway back and forth from Detroit to Kalamazoo( I-94).
 Gordans crossing -       My friend Gordan purchased the original painting, at that time I didnt have a title for this painting.  I think "Gordans crossing "  is a fitting name for this painting.
     I have just recently sold my first print of this downhill ride.
" Whimsical sun  flowers "
My girl asked me to paint her some flowers.  As it was this is what I came up with.  Anna wants the Monet or Renoir type of flowers.  I can paint those flowers and I will. Till then these are my kind o flowers.  Ashley helped me paint this painting.   She did some of the hard reds and oranges, and  helped color in side of yellow lines.
I have since painted some background colors.  Very light earthy greens and biasses.

This is a 1'6" x 4' piece.  Inspired by a photo that I took at lake Mi. just south of South haven.  A beautiful tree that was set high with lots of crazy roots.   Some how the photo turned into a dragon swallowing the earth ,  the earth swallowing the earth and a crazy sky? (If you are having trouble seeing the dragon click on the image and  enlarge it.)
  This painting is not done.
" Bittersweet"  

I have just completed this painting it is, 20" x 24".  I have named this piece bittersweet because the plant (Bittersweet)  is scattered through out some of the pine trees.
I picked a gorges oak frame for this check it out on the large page. (Click on image).
I have jus a little bit left to do to this piece.
" Middlemountain "   

I did this piece just after I finished high school.  This is my best selling painting, and definitely one of my favorite.  If you look into the middle mountain there is a horse that takes up the whole mountain.  unfortunately I have blurred the picture so you loose a lot of the detail.  Although me and every kid that has seen the horse,  Blurred or not that is all we can see.  To see it a we bit bigger just (click on the image).
" S.H."   

This was inspired by the South Haven light house in west MI.  I painted this in 2002.

" Sweet Eden "

Sweet Eden is named after my folks property in Plainwell.  They have a sign hanging that says sweet eden as you walk down the path to the cabin.  I painted this painting in 2003.